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   Saturday, May 28, 2016
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Commercial Vehicle Engineer is the multi-award-winning online monthly for road transport engineers and fleet managers, delivering a unique blend of independent, well-informed analysis, hard-hitting comment and news on the commercial vehicle market and aftermarket. The May 2016 edition is now online, including previews of next month's Tip-ex show in Harrogate and of the first Automechanika Birmingham show. To subscribe or log in as a subscriber click on the page-turning icon below or the green "subscribe" button on the right.


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Imagine a a 40-tonne articulated truck powered by batteries with a "range-extender" turbine running on diesel, petrol or compressed natural gas. Now imagine its manufacturer offering free fuel for one million miles to the first 5,000 operators to place their orders. Alice in Wonderland? Actually it's happening right now in the US. We report on the latest developments in battery-powered trucks.
We've been to Millbrook Proving Ground to find out what's behind the latest Jake Brake and why it is setting a new standard in truck diesel engine braking. And as tipper operators prepare to head for their big annual show in Harrogate next month, we preview what they should be watching out for there.
People in the news this month include FTA operations director June Powell, now running Tachodisc following its crash into administration; and Bob Dover, newly appointed chairman of the UK's Advanced Propulsion Centre.


CV Engineer film reviews: and why not?

Ryder's Project Rebirth

So you want to show the world that your commercial vehicle technicians and workshops are a cut above the rest? You could always try one or two of many and various accreditation schemes and hope for the best. Ryder in the US has come up with an altogether more imaginative and startling solution, starting with spectacular destruction of a new Volvo truck. 

“While the kind of destruction shown in this video is extreme, it’s not that far from some of the excessive damage that has come through our shops over the past 80 years," says Ryder's global fleet management boss Dennis Cooke, with no hint of tongue in cheek. "Showing our technician team in action in a high-stakes challenge like this is a great way to highlight the kind of talent our customers have access to every day at any one of our 800 maintenance shops across North America. If businesses are going to outsource fleet maintenance to Ryder, they need to be really confident about our ability to maintain and repair trucks quickly and correctly the first time. Because our technicians work behind the scenes, there aren’t many opportunities for us to showcase their incredible knowledge and skill. These videos enable us to show the world in an exciting and compelling way the outstanding expertise of our technician workforce.”

Volvo engineers of a nervous disposition may want to look away now.

Click here to see Ryder's Project Rebirth video.


Hungry for more footage of Volvo trucks being given a hard time? Try these for size, courtesy of Volvo itself and a four-year-old film star by the name of Sophie...


CILT on vulnerable road-users

The acting is never going to win any Oscar nominations. And gratuitous plugs for the CILT's own magazine and awards scheme are a bit cheesy and irritating. But The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK nevertheless deserves plaudits aplenty for a new ten-minute video delivering a potent message on the moral, economic and legal obligations related to road transport operations. The focus is mainly on vulnerable road users such as cyclists and pedestrians, and the target audience is primarily board-level company directors in operations running trucks, buses or coaches. But this video's graphic portrayal of what can happen when road safety is allowed to slip down the priority list of any organisation packs such a punch that it ought to be required viewing for everyone with road transport management responsibilities, no matter how big or small the commercial vehicles they manage. That certainly includes the home-delivery operations which depend on vans and small trucks up to 3.5 tonnes gvw. Based on our shocking revelations of a few years ago, Sainsbury store managers responsible for small home-delivery van fleets and their drivers would be right at the top of our list of those most in need of learning the lessons this video teaches so memorably.

To see the CILT video on YouTube click here











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Wed 18 May, 2016

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May 2016

4 Comment
Substance trumps style in low-emission trucks and buses. The truck unveiled by Nikola Motor Company this month, fittingly in a virtual-reality sort of way, is nothing if not an attention-grabber. But does the Nikola One really have what it takes to start a revolution in the buying habits of hard-nosed North American truck operators, and should established manufacturers of conventional diesel-powered trucks everywhere be worried? Much the same questions are being raised on this side of the Atlantic by Charge R&D. Like Denis Sverdlov, the Russian billionaire who set up Kinetik, the investment company behind Charge, Nikola founder Trevor Milton seems convinced that truck operators in their droves will soon find his vision of battery-powered ultra-low-emission vehicles irresistible. They both could learn a lot from the quiet but nonetheless impressive progress made to date along a path leading to a similar destination by the comparatively staid UK bus and coach industry. Far from resulting from any single headline-grabbing technological revolution, that progress has depended on a series of carefully-considered steps, all involving close co-operation between manufacturers, operators and legislators. And crucially, at every stage, there has been a recognition not only that truck and bus diesel engines are going to be around for a long time yet but also that the latest Euro 6 truck and bus diesels really do have such clean exhausts that in many applications they remain the best power unit choice, not just for operational economics but for the environment as well. All the bold claims made for both the Charge R&D and Nikola "near-zero-emission" trucks will count for little or nothing unless and until they can be put to the test by operators with working trucks in real-life operations. This will happen later this year in both cases, we are promised. Then we'll see whether the substance matches the style.

4 Points of view
Alan Bunting on the chances of the born-again LDV succeeding in the UK van market. Philip Swift of CMA on inflated charges from Highways England and local councils. Simon Williams of RAC on the "epidemic" of illegal phone use in vehicles. Ashley Sowerby of Chevin Fleet Solutions on why fleets could be autonomous vehicle pioneers. William Walker of Walker Logistics on the pros and cons of outsourcing transport and logistics.

9 News
Now tyres roll in to Automechanika Birmingham.

10 News
Latest fines for health and safety failures run into millions.

12 News
Cartwright joins forces with Transdek UK in double-deck trailers. MAN moves into UK pet reg tractor rental.

14 News
Visions of workshops of the future. Size matters in super-efficient truck tyres.

15 News
Innovative tipper technology and safety to the fore at Harrogate show.

16 It's an engine brake, Jake, but not as we know it
What's new about the latest compression-release engine brake from Jacobs Vehicle Systems, what lies behind its development and which truck-maker could be at the head of a queue to adopt it? Tim Blakemore has been to Millbrook Proving Ground in search of answers to such questions.

20 News from the north
The Transport News preview of next month's Tip-ex show in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

23 Equipping the operation
Electric shock: could these trucks really threaten diesel?

24 News from the north
TruckScot Scene from Transport News, including a Global Port Services Scania and a Volvo FMX tipper for KV Shepherd and Sons.

25 People and jobs
The FTA's June Powell heads Tachodisc following its crash into administration; David Sanders leaves the Carbon Trust to join Dearman; Bob Dover is the new Advanced Propulsion Centre chairman; and BT Fleet is hiring technicians and apprentices for its London workshops.

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