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   Sunday, October 21, 2018
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Commercial Vehicle Engineer is the multi-award-winning online monthly for road transport engineers and fleet managers, delivering a unique blend of independent, well-informed analysis, hard-hitting comment and news on the commercial vehicle market and aftermarket. The September 2018 edition is now online, including news of the pan-European Trailer Innovation 2019 award-winners.

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Headline news from this month’s huge IAA commercial vehicles show in Hannover, Germany includes a takeover of Lawrence David, one of the UK’s biggest trailer-makers and truck bodybuilders, by Wielton Group of Poland in a £26 million deal. We have the full story.

Heavy trucks from Hyundai of South Korea are set to go into service on European roads for the first time. Oh and by the way, they are powered by hydrogen fuel cells. Under the terms of an agreement signed in Hannover this month around 1,000 Hyundai fuel-cell trucks will go into service in Switzerland over the next four years.

The big news from Daimler this month is the launch of a new Mercedes Actros truck range, boasting ground-breaking safety systems. It is also the first production truck with no conventional rear-view mirrors, replaced by cameras and screens.

We’ve been to China to learn more about the latest BYD electric buses unveiled in Hannover this month, and to hear about the rapidly-growing company’s plans to sell electric trucks as well in Europe.

People in the news this month include Arne Knaben, Mike Corcoran and Carlos Rodrigues at Volvo Group UK: all changing jobs as a result of a wide-ranging management restructure.













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Fri 28 Sep, 2018

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September 2018

4 Comment
Businesses hate nothing more than uncertainty. There is a good reason why this has become a cliché. Because it is so evidently true, and never more so than right now for UK-based commercial vehicle operators. They are facing a double-whammy. Part one, shared with their counterparts from continental Europe and much of the rest of the world, was plain to see for any visitor to this month’s huge IAA (Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung) commercial vehicles show in Hannover, Germany. Never before have so many and varied alternatives to truck, bus and van diesel engines been on display so extensively at an event of this kind: from gas, to electric motors, to diesel/electric hybrids and hydrogen fuel cells. The uncertainty facing fleet engineers and transport managers comes when trying to establish exactly which of these technologies will best suit their particular operations for the next five or ten years, perhaps longer. But professionals can cope with this. Truth be told, no matter how unfashionable that has become, many even relish the challenge. The second part of the double-whammy is a different matter entirely: peculiar to UK operators and hated by virtually all because it stems from the extraordinary incompetence of their current government. More than two years on from a wholly unnecessary referendum on the UK’s European Union membership, called by a cowardly prime minister simply to satisfy the lunatic fringe of his party, and still the government can offer truck, bus and coach operators no clear, coherent guidance on what is going to happen six months from now when, probably, the UK will exit the EU, based on a pack of lies fed to the electorate. That is simply unforgivable. Pauline Bastidon, head of European policy at the Freight Transport Association, speaks for many when she says: “the logistics sector is a problem solver but there is only so much we can do if we are forced to approach this blindfolded and with our hands tied.” The Confederation of Passenger Transport UK (CPT) is the biggest trade body for bus and coach operators in the UK. “A number of important questions remain unanswered in the no-deal scenario,” said its policy development director Steven Salmon this month. “CPT is extremely disappointed that the government has not seen fit to ensure that passenger movements into and across Europe can continue if we leave the EU without a deal.” Does this government care about the views of businesses in general and road transport in particular? Evidently not, judging by comments a few months ago from the then foreign secretary, Boris Johnson. “Fuck business,” he is reported to have said to Belgium’s ambassador to the UK at a Foreign Office reception. Johnson and his cronies should not be surprised when the sentiment is reciprocated by road transport businesses at the earliest opportunity at the ballot box.

4 Points of view
Reports of insurance claim management company rip-offs have struck a chord with Richard Simpson. He has seen them in action at first hand. Arval UK's Eddie Parker wishes that legislators would understand the crucial differences between electric cars and light commercial vehicles. Reo (UK) managing director Steve Hughes praises Formula E for a convincing demonstration of the merits of electric vehicles.

6 News
Innovations to the fore at Hannover prize-giving bonanza.

7 News
Hyundai’s hydrogen fuel-cell trucks are heading for Europe.

8 News
Lawrence David joins flourishing Wielton group.

10 News
Back to the future? The new Mercedes Actros, inspired by a “future truck” concept of four years ago, is the first in production with cameras in place of mirrors. But the latest Actros innovations certainly do not end there.

14 BYD’s bold European expansion plans turn from dream to reality
In little more than five years, a battery and vehicle manufacturer from China has gone from nowhere to top-seller in the European electric bus market. Now its attention is turning to the European truck market as well. Tim Blakemore reports.

17 News from the north
This month’s Transport News TruckScot head-turning scenery includes a 530hp 6x2 Daf XF tractive unit on the Isle of Skye; a 750hp 6x4 Volvo FH16 tractor in Inverness; and a 580hp S-cabbed Scania with lifting trailing axle in Torphins, Aberdeenshire.

20 News from the north
MOT tests and plating certificates; AdBlue emulators; and reversing camera legality: all on the Transport News Truck Advocate’s to-do list this month.

21 People and jobs
A Volvo Group management restructure in the UK means promotion for Mike Corcoran, a move into a new Renault Trucks UK managing director post for Carlos Rodrigues, and farewell to Arne Knaben. Mark Griffin, mastermind of UK bus and coach shows such as Euro Bus Expo and Coach & Bus Live, is back with a new company and some fresh ideas on events and publications focused on sustainable transport. Transport for London’s controversial former surface transport boss Leon Daniels is among his new recruits. Lasalign has a vacancy for a mobile wheel alignment engineer in the M25 area.

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